Bluewater Analytics Assessment for Learning and Talent

The Bluewater Analytics Assessment for Learning and Talent serves two purposes.  First, the questions are designed to assess your organization's existing reporting capabilities.  What kinds of strategy and reports do you currently have for Learning and Talent Development?  How do you use analytics at your company to ensure decision making at all levels is aligned with your company, department, and personal goals and objectives?

The second purpose is to help you visualize what is possible.  The 26 questions are written from the perspective of plans or capabilities that are very advanced.  If you read a question that seems to be much farther reaching that your company currently is, don't fret.  Be excited about the possibilities instead.  We set the evaluation bar very high on purpose.  Just answer the questions thoughtfully and you will receive your recommendations at the end of the assessment.

The assessment should only need 5 - 7 minutes of your time to complete.

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Here's a partial example of the assessment output.  Or you can download a full example by clicking here.