Bluewater Extended Enterprise Assessment

The Bluewater Extended Enterprise Assessment serves two purposes.  First, the questions are designed to assess your organization's existing extended enterprise program.  What is your strategy, how organized are your efforts and how successful is your program?

The second purpose is to help you visualize what is possible.  The questions are written from the perspective of companies that have very established extended enterprise programs.  If you read a question that seems to be much further reaching than where your company currently is, don't fret.  For example, multiple questions ask you to confirm that a specific process is "documented".  That's a very high bar to measure against, but we set high on purpose.  Be excited about the possibilities and keep moving forward. Simple as that.  

The assessment should only require 7 - 10 minutes of your time to complete.  Once you are done you will immediately receive specific recommendations based on your answers.  Let's get started!